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Open Days of European Funds start on the 11th of May. Also in Lublin you will be able to visit places that profit from European funds. Among them Arena Lublin, Lublin Open Air Village Museum, Lublin Museum, the Dominican monastery, and many others. What else can we expect? What are the rules of the visiting? All necessary information you can find on the official website of the action. Learn more at: www.dniotwarte.eu


May looks so promising. It's time to get out of the house and see how the city looks like during the spring time. Parks and gardens full of flowers, old town streets covered with sunshine invite for a stroll. Plenty of cultural events await tourists and citizens. See you in Lublin!   Season Lublin 27 April – 6 May 2018 Let's start the tourist season and take advantage of the rich program prepared for this year Season Lublin. Everyone will surely find something for themselves. Learn more at: www.sezon.lublin.eu Time for the Independent - exhibition 21 April - 8 July 2018 On the centenary of Poland regaining its independence, the Lublin Museum invites for an extraordinary exhibition. It presents the Poles' aspirations to free themselves from the yoke of the invaders - many attempts had been made for this purpose for 124 years. The exhibition will consist of works acquired from many museums and private collections, mainly paintings and graphics, as well as military items, examples of crafts, and medals. Learn more at: www.muzeumlubelskie.pl   Second Lublin May Fair 1 – 6 May 2018 Food and craft fair at the Old Town. The polonaise for Lublin 3 May 2018 Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the polonaise. The mayor and the citizens of Lublin will dance this beautiful national dance. Learn more at: www.lublin.eu Free city tour 5 May 2018 Tourist Agency Hubertus invites to a free city tour. The May walk will be devoted to the Saski Garden and Wieniawa district. Learn more at: www.bthubertus.com II American Sports Picnic 5 May 2018 On this May Saturday we'll get to know sports popular across the pond, such as baseball and american football. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Sunday walk with a guide 6 May 2018 Botanical Garden How to combine pleasure with something useful? For example by joining the Sunday walk with a guide in the Botanical Garden. This time we'll learn about the tree bark. Learn more at: www.umcs.pl Running Picnic of Independence 6 May 2018 Ready, steady, go! We're celebrating the centenerary of regaining of independence. The route will be 1918 meters long. Learn more at: www.mosir.lublin.pl CODES – Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music 9 – 12 May 2018 The festival presenting various types of music - from traditional to contemporary. You've got to hear that! Learn more at: www.kody-festiwal.pl Forum of Witold Lutosławski "MOST" 11 – 25 May 2018 Lublin Filharmony invites for the twelfth edition of the Witold Lutosławski's Forum "Most". It's going to be a musical feast. Learn more at: www.filharmonialubelska.pl Public Theatre Day 12 May 2018 The Old Theatre in Lublin will join the "Ticket to the theatre for 300 groszy" action. Learn more at: www.lublin.eu Lublin May Picnic. The Festival of Local Activity 12 – 13 May 2018 Targi Lublin invite for the Lublin May Picnic. Plenty of attractions are about to happen. Regional cuisines and craft beer await the foodies. The gardeners will be pleased to hear about great Gardening Fair. The youngest ones will enjoy rich animation program. The main stars of the festival will be Cleo, and Pod Wyrwigroszem comedy group. Learn more at: www.majowka.targi.lublin.pl Family Picnic 13 May 2018 Botanical Garden Number 13 doesn't have to mean bad luck. All you need to do is relax and spend time in a charming place. We recommend a walk around the Botanical Garden where a family picnic will take place on the 13th of May. Learn more at: www.umcs.pl Maraton Lubelski 13 May 2018 Ready, steady, go! It's time for the 6th edition of the Lublin Marathon. Learn more at: www.maraton.lublin.eu/ Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 13 – 21 May 2018 The biggest documentary film festival in Poland will come to Lublin again. Interesting documentary movies, debates and concerts await the guests. Learn more at: www.docsag.pl IX Lublin Tourist Fair 18 – 20 May 2018 On the penultimate weekend of May an atmosphere of vacation will come to Lublin. All because of the IX Lublin Tourist Fair. Among many exhibitors we'll see the representatives of sunny Bulgaria. Learn more at: www.lrot.pl Kozienalia - Lublin Days of Student Culture 18 – 20 May 2018 The feast of music, youth and fun. Learn more at: www.kozienalia.pl Night of the Museums in Lublin 19/20 May 2018 We are not sleeping, we are sightseeing! Cultural institutions invite the vespertines. Learn more at: www.lublin.eu Night of the Muzeums in the Botanical Garden 19 May 2018 Botanical Garden The gardens never sleep. The life goes on 24/7 in the green kingdom. All you need to do is look closely and you'll see how many things happen here. Learn more at: www.umcs.pl Night of the Museums. Nighttime Stories 19/20 May 2018 Open Air Village Museum Do you remember exactly when a black cat crossed your way? Do you avoid going below a ladder? Do you like recalling your grandma's tales of old ghosts, devils and witches? If so, then this event is just for you. Surrounded by charming cottages and pens, you will get to know the old superstitions and find out what our grandfathers were fearing of. Learn more at: www.skansen.lublin.pl Old Town Harmonies 20 May 2018 Beautiful music in equally beautiful scenery. In May a concert in the Crown Tribunal will take place within the Old Town Harmonies cycle. Learn more at: www.wieniawski.lublin.pl Antonina Campi Opera Masterclass 21 – 26 May 2018 Antonina Miklaszewicz Campi was a court singer for king Stanisław August and a prima donna of Viennese opera who debuted in Lublin. Will another diamond of musical world reveal itself on Lublin stage? Learn more at: www.antonina.campi.spotkaniakultur.com Lublin Literary Meetings – The "City of Poetry" Festival 23 - 26 May 2018 Lublin Literary Meetings - The "City of Poetry" Festival has permanently grown into the Lublin cultural space. Learn more at: www.teatrnn.pl Multicultural Lublin 24 – 27 May 2017 A festival presenting the cultural mosaic of the contemporary Lublin. Learn more at: www.wielokulturowylublin.pl Juliusz Osterwa Theatre Tour 26 May 2018 At the end of May the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre will reveal some mystery and invite you to have a peak behind the scene. Learn more at: www.teatrosterwy.pl On the 100 anniversary of regaining the Independence 27 May 2018 Open Air Village Museum in Lublin The Open Air Village Museum in Lublin invites for some museum education about the reality of the Second Polish Republic. We'll travel back in time and see how the it was in the villages and towns during the lifetimes of our ancestors. Learn more at: www.skansen.lublin.pl Lubelski Wyścig Kaczek 27 May 2018 Rubber ducks - the companions of our first baths. Who does not like them? They are adorable. However, they have a second face. They're brave athletes who want to get to the finish line and win the glory. The game is worth the candle - each duck is a financial help for children. Emotions will reach a zenith! Learn more at: www.wyscigkaczek.pl Festival of Colours 27 May 2018 A colorful dizziness on the grounds of the Perła Brewery! Come and color your world with all the colors of the rainbow. Joy and fun in the purest form. Learn more at: www.festiwalkolorow.pl Lublin Flea Market 27 May 2018 As every month the Lublin Old Town will be full of stalls where one will be able to buy old furniture, art, and trinkets. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Funny Balls Show 29, 30 May 2018 Balloon show for children. Starring 5 thousands balloons. Kids will be thrilled.   Musical Evenings in the Pobrygidkowski Church May 2018 Musical feast in one of the most beautiful churches in Lublin. Delicious music will resound in the 600-year-old temple walls. Your presence is mandatory! On the 3rd of May a concert of patriotic music "For the Independent" will take place, and on the 28th of May the old music concert will happen. Be there! Learn more at: www.pobrygidkowski.pl Sightseeing for connoisseurs "Via Jagiellonica" Foundation invites to discover Lublin together. The main theme of the walks is "The Seym of Lublin: Castle and City". Visiting the Museum of the Union of Lublin Seym "Sejsmograf 1569+" in program. Learn more at: www.zachod-wschod.pl Lublin Filharmony May 2018 Rich repertoire of the Lublin Filharmony will surely interest all the music lovers. An educational concert for the youngest will also take place. Learn more at: www.filharmonialubelska.pl Miasto movie May 2018 All the cinema lovers will be happy to hear about May propositions of Miasto Movie cycle Learn more at: www.warsztatykultury.pl Centre for the Meeting of Cultures April 2018 In May in the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures we'll see Bobby McFerrin: Project "Circlesongs", spectacle "Pikantni", and Millenium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival. Learn more at: www.spotkaniakultur.com Musical Theatre in Lublin May 2018 Operas, musicals, fairy tales - May in the Musical Theatre is full of propositions. Learn more at: www.teatrmuzyczny.eu Juliusz Osterwa Theatre in Lublin May 2018 A lot to choose from in May. „Sposób na Alcybiadesa“ or „Trzy siostry“ among others. Learn more at: www.teatrosterwy.pl Centre for Culture in Lublin May 2018 May days in the Cenre for Culture seem to be promising. Workshops and meetings, spectacles - that's all in the agenda. Learn more at: www.ck.lublin.pl The Old Theatre in Lublin May 2018 The repertoire of the Old theatre is full of movie screenings, concerts, meetings and spectacles. This month Natalia Kukulska and Marek Napiórkowski will perform. Learn more at: www.teatrstary.eu Lubartowska 77 Lubartowska 77 is a creative space, brought to live by passionate people, located in a building with captivating history and interesting, industrial architecture. Eko shop is open every day, and on Saturdays Eko Fair takes place. And there's much more to offer! Learn more at: www.lubartowska77.pl   Lublin Tourist Card Are you planning the long weekend in Lublin? Use Lublin Tourist Card and visit Lublin better, easier, cheaper. Learn more at: www.lublincard.eu


Would you like to see a portrait of king Władysław Jagiełło painted during his lifetime? Have you ever heard a whisper of a person standing over ten meters away? Or maybe you'd like to see a print of a devil's paw? Have you heard about a world-famous rabbi school? Have you ever took a trolleybus ride? Do you know the taste of cebularz? How about forszmak? These are just some of the attractions that await you in Lublin. The best and the cheapest way to see the city is buying a Lublin Tourist Card, it will allow you to save some money during visiting the museums, restaurants, souvenirs shop, and hotels. Here's where you can buy the Lublin Tourist Card: - Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre, Jezuicka 1/3 street - Tourist Information at the Lublin Airport, Jana III Sobieskiego 1 street - on-line via site www.lublincard.eu


On the 15th of April the Botanical Garden in Lublin will open its gates after the winter break. The list of events for 2018 season has also been presented: 20.02 – 30.03 - Art competition "Easter in nature" 13.04 – Awarding the participants of the competition "Easter in nature" 15.04 – Opening of the Botanical Garden after the winter break 15.04 - 5.05 – Post-competition exhibition of artworks from the contest "Easter in nature" (Kosciuszko Manor) 6.05 – Sunday walk with a guide - The secrets of tree bark, (led by dr Anna Cwener) 7.05 - 1.10 - Competition "My Herbarium - plants of our meadows and fields" 9.05. – 3.06 - Artistic Impressions in the open air - an exhibition of works by students of the Lublin School of Art and Design (Kosciuszko Manor) 13.05 – Family picnic - an open air educational and recreational event 15.05 – Polish Forget-Me-Not Day - floristic workshops for Seniors 19.05 – Night of the Museums - a walk and a lecture for the participants of the event 3.06 – Sunday walk with a guide - Green "guests" from America (led by dr Michał Czernecki) 5.06 – 1.07 – Hidden in the green - an exhibition of paintings by Krystyna Rudzka-Przychoda (Kościuszko Manor) 10.06 – Cinderella outdoor show for children performed by the theater group "Stacja Teatr" from Konopnica  16-17.06 – Exhibition of cacti and other succulents organized in cooperation with the Lublin Branch of the Polish Society of Cacti Lovers 23.06 – Midsummer Night - in search for a fern flower - themed walk 1.07 – Sunday walk with a guide - What do the plant names mean? - literal meaning and symbolism (led by dr inż. Krystyna Rysiak) 2 - 6.07 – Summer Academy of the Little Naturalist - all-day thematic workshops for children 28.07 – Botanical Five - sport event - running in the Botanical Garden 3.08 –  2.09 – Colors of nature - exhibition of works by Elżbieta Kaniecka-Siegoczyńska 5.08 – Sunday walk with a guide - Melliferous plants (led by dr Agnieszka Dąbrowska) 5.08 – Bee Festival - an educational outdoor event organized in cooperation with the Association of Lublin Landscape Parks 14.08 – Workshops on herbal compositions for seniors and their grandchildren 2.09 – Sunday Walk with a guide - Is it edible? The thing about the rare, little-known and forgotten edible plants (led by MSc. Dorota Misiurek) 8.09 – National reading of "The Spring to Come" by Stefan Żeromski 9.09 – Around health - an outdoor educational and recreational event 7.10 – Sunday walk with the guide - Facts and acts from the life of bryophytes, or a bit about cans, thallies, ribs and medicines (led by Dr. Robert Zubel) 10.10 – International Arbor Day - themed classes for organized groups The dates of the events can change due to unforseen circumstances. Learn more at: www.umcs.pl