The Church of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist was built in the years 1586-1604 for the Jesuit Order. It was designed by the Jesuit Jan Maria Bernardoni inspired by the seat of the order in Rome – the Il Gesu Church. In the 18th c. Józef Meyer decorated the interior of the church with beautiful wall paintings depicting biblical scenes. This Jesuit church became the cathedral in 1805 when the Lublin diocese was created. Partially damaged during World War II, the cathedral was renovated and given the shape we can see today. Inside there are amazing illusionistic polychromes and rich interior decor.

Lublin Cathedral is a place of many curiosities. One of them is the acoustic vestry with a specially constructed vault that carries sound.  If you whisper quietly in one corner of the vestry, you will be heard by a person standing in the opposite corner.  Don’t miss two other places well-worth seeing - the treasury and the crypts.

ul. Królewska 10
20-109 Lublin
tel. +48 695 322 780


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