The market square was marked out almost 700 years ago, after Lublin received its civic charter (15th August 1317). In 1575 a great deal of the wooden buildings burnt down and new presentable brick townhouses were erected in their place. Many of them have preserved their original exterior appearance and historical ornaments. The ones especially worth seeing include:

The Townhouse of the Klonowic Family (Rynek 2) – it used to belong to Sebastian Klonowic, an acclaimed poet, town councillor and mayor. The façade is decorated with sgraffito medallions with images of four poets and writers associated with Lublin: Biernat of Lublin, Mikołaj Rej, Jan Kochanowski and Wincenty Pol.

The Townhouse of the Lubomelski Family (Rynek 8) – it has an original Renaissance portal with the Zadora coat of arms, the date 1540 and initial of the name Jan Lubom.

The Townhouse of the Konopnica Family (Rynek 12) – it has always been regarded as the most beautiful Lublin townhouse owing to rich interior design and outstanding decorative Renaissance façade from 1610. The building is crowned with an impressive attic. The 2004 renovation of the façade restored it to its full glory.

The Townhouse of the Wieniawski Family (Rynek 17) – in the first half of the 19th c. the building belonged to Tadeusz Wieniawski, father of the brilliant violinist and composer Henryk Wieniawski, born here on 10th July 1835.