The current neo-Gothic building on the Castle Hill was built after the demolition of the ruins of the former Renaissance castle in the 18th century (only the Romanesque tower, the Gothic Holy Trinity Chapel, and fragments of the so-called Jewish tower have remained out of the old castle complex).

The new building functioned as a prison in which, apart of the Jews, the Poles were also being locked up. This took place both during the time of partitions, in the interwar period, and, above all, during the Nazi occupation, when the Gestapo imprisoned many of the inhabitants of the Lublin ghetto. The prisoners were shot in mass executions in Czechowskie Hills and during infamous execution at the castle, on the 22 of July 1944, just before the Soviet army entered Lublin. In 1944-54, when the NKVD and Department of Security prison operated here, a group of Jews was also present among the imprisoned patriots.

Presently the castle is the seat of the Lublin Museum.


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