In relation to the introduction of a state of epidemic threat a number of noteworthy restrictions and changes have been introduced:


  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises to avoid all non-essential foreign travel. International air and rail services has been suspended.
  • Border controls have been temporarily restored.
  • A ban on entry to Poland for foreigners has been introduced.
  • All citizens returning from abroad must undergo a two-week civil voluntary quarantine.
  • Obligatory quarantine for the families of the quarantined people.
  • National bus, aerial, and train transport still functions, although it may be less frequent.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a hotline +48 22 523 88 80, where one can obtain the information about crossing the borders in regards with introducing a state of epidemic emergency in Poland.
  • Banks and financial facilities remain open.
  • Public transport can be used at once only by as many people as half of the amount of the sitting places available in a given vehicle.
  • Starting from Thursday, 16 of April 2020, every person must wear a face mask, a scarf or a shawl, that will cover their mouth and nose.
  • From April 20, entries to forests and parks will be allowed. However, the accompanying infrastructure will still be closed - the includes educational paths, camping sites, and parking lots.
  • From 4 May, hotels and other accommodation facilities will be opened (with some restrictions). Certain cultural institutions, such as museums, art galleries and libraries, will also reopen.
  • From 4 May, the shopping malls will be open (with some restrictions).
  • From 18 May, the restaurants, bars, and cafes will be open (with some restrictions).
  • From 18 May, hair studios and beauty salons will be open (with some restrictions).
  • From 30 May, restaurants in hotels will be open (with some restrictions).
  • From 6 June, swimming pools and fitness clubs in hotels will be open (with some restrictions).
  • From 13 June, the internal borders between Poland and the countries of the European Union will be reopened.
  • From 16 June, international flight connections will be resumed.

More restrictions and full information can be found at www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/

Updated on 11 of June 2020