Traditional culture in many colours, sounds and tastes - from handicrafts to music, dance, singing and cuisine - will once again visit Lublin. The Re:Tradition Festival and the Jagiellonian Fair are coming up in August!

The Jagiellonian Fair draws its inspiration from the famous Lublin fairs, which at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries were one of the most famous international trade events.

From the early Middle Ages, trade in a wide variety of goods flourished in Lublin, thanks to the trade route running through the city. The famous Lublin fairs were attended not only by domestic merchants, but also those from the most remote corners of the world at the time. Building on this tradition, as every year, Lublin will host the Jagiellonian Fair, part of the Re:Tradition festival. It is an event that presents traditional culture in many dimensions - from folk art, through music, dance and singing, cuisine and folklore linked to science and education.

Walking through the streets of the Old Town, you will see a multitude of patterns, colours and styles presented by folk artists from Poland. You will listen to stories, learn the secrets of the products and have the opportunity to purchase them.

Through the simplest, traditional forms of leisure, you will have the opportunity to experience a living encounter with another human being.

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