Welcome to Lublin, a city of rich over 700-years old history with well preserved monuments, and multiple signs confirming the location of the city at the border of Eastern and Western Cultures.

Romantically situated Old Town, the unique Holy Trinity Chapel, monumental Cracow Gate, breathtaking Cathedral, or important State Museum at Majdanek - these are just some of the places worth visiting in Lublin.

The city has vast cultural offer. Artistic events, concerts, happenings and festivals - also international - are being organized here. Among the most famous events we can mention Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, Night of Culture, Jagiellonian Fair, "East of Culture" - Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival, "Theatre Confrontations" International Festival, or European Festival of Flavour.

The charm of Lublin is appreciated not only by the citizens or tourists. On the Old Town streets one can often meet artists, photographers, or even filmmakers. 

Each year Lublin becomes more and more popular among tourists, both from Poland and abroad, who come here to learn about history, see interesting spots, take part in numerous cultural events, taste local cuisine, and just to feel the spirit of this place.

The city is a perfect base for trips to Kazimierz Dolny, Zamość, Roztocze region, Łęczna-Włodawa Lakeland, and many other interesting places in our voivodeship.

Is it worth to come to Lublin? Of course! Come and see for yourself.



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