In relation to the introduction of a state of epidemic threat a number of noteworthy restrictions and changes have been introduced:


Information for travellers:

  • Poland has reactivated crossborder travel inside the European Union. That means the international tourist travels are possible only within the European Union.
  • Restrictions concerning the foreigners travelling to Poland and the necessity of quarantine are still valid on the outer borders of the European Union.
  • The border with Russia can be crossed only in Bezledy and Grzechotki, the border with Belarus - in Kuźnica, Bobrowniki, and Terespol, and the border with Ukraine - in Dorohusk, Korczowa, Hrebenne, Medyka, and Budomierz.
  • From 14 January 2021 there's no restrictions in aerial transport.
  • Travellers coming to Poland must undergo obligatory quarantine.
  • Persons traveling to Poland from the Schengen area and at the same time having a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result are exempt from the compulsory quarantine. The test must be performed prior to the border crossing and is valid for 48 hours.
  • Having a negative Sars-Cov-2 test result does not exempt travelers coming to Poland from outside the Schengen area from the quarantine obligation.
  • In case of a negative result of the Sars-Cov-2 test performed in Poland after crossing the border, the quarantine period is reduced.
  • One must cover their mouth and nose on public transport.


From May 8, 2021, the hotels are available to guests with a strict sanitary regime.


From 1 May 2021:

  • unified safety rules have been introduced throughout the country (which includes opening hairdressing and beauty salons)
  • the limit of people using outdoor sports facilities has been increased (up to 50 people)
  • practicing sports in indoor sports facilities and swimming pools has been made possible for organized groups of children and adolescents while maintaining max. 50% capacity of the facility


From 4 May 2021: 

  • museums and art galleries have been opened for visitors in compliance with a strict sanitary regime and the binding limit of 1 person per 15 m2
  • the limit of people participating in services has been increased (up to 1 person per 15 m2 in the temples). It is recommended to hold the ceremony in the open air 
  • full-time stationary education for classes 1-3 of primary school in strict sanitary regime has been restored 


From 8 May 2021:

  • hotels have been opened for guests in compliance with a strict sanitary regime (up to 50% capacity, with closed restaurants and spa facilities)


From 15 May 2021:

  • the obligation to wear masks outdoors has been abolished
  • necessity of covering ones mouth and nose with a mask while indoor remains in force
  • outdoor seating restaurants have been opened in a strict sanitary regime
  • outdoor theatres and cinemas have been opened in a strict sanitary regime (up to 50% capacity)
  • organizing special events outside in compliance with a strict sanitary regime and a limit of 25 people has been made possible again
  • hybrid schooling for grades 4-8 of primary schools and grades 1-4 of secondary schools in strict sanitary regime has been restored
  • the presence of the public in outdoor sports facilities has been allowed (up to 25% of the audience)


From 21 May 2021:

  • cinemas and theaters has been opened under a strict sanitary regime (up to 50% occupancy)


From 28 May 2021:

  • restaurants have been allowed to provide services inside the premises while maintaining a strict sanitary regime (up to 50% occupancy)
  • organizing special events inside the premises with a strict sanitary regime and a limit of 50 people has been allowed
  • indoor sports facilities and swimming pools have been opened to everyone (up to 50% occupancy, including the audience)
  • gyms, fitness clubs, and solariums have been opened to customers with a strict sanitary regime and the applicable limit of 1 person per 15 m2
  • full-time stationary education for all primary and secondary school students in strict sanitary regime 

Current safety restrictions remain in force:

  • maintaining a 1,5 m social distance
  • covering the nose and mouth with a mask in public places across the country - including shops, busses (but not on the street)
  • organizing public gatherings up to max. 5 people
  • in public transport, occupied seats are limited to 50% of all seats or 30% of all capacity (while leaving at least 50% of the seats unoccupied in the vehicle)
  • night clubs and discos remain closed


More information and the full list of restrictions can be found on www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus


Updated on 28 of May 2021