Lublin is the first Polish city appointed the European Capital of Youth 2023. It's a title is awarded by the European Youth Forum for a period of one year. The international jury has decided that it was Lublin, together with its unique energy and inspiring ideas of young people, that created the most interesting program of activities in Europe. 


Lublin's activities as part of the European Youth Capital 2023 include: Opening Ceremony, May Music Box, Youth Marathon, holiday chill&charge, City Youth Birthday, U23 3x3 Basketball World Cup, new youth spaces, grants, scholarships, international meetings, (such as the European Youth Forum) and educational projects. It's high time to check the event calendar.  

A lot of up-to-date information is also available on dedicated profiles in social media::



Make sure to visit the official webpage of the European Capital of Youth youth.lublin.eu


Lublin is Youth 2023 

Źródło: youth.lublin.eu