Over 100 proposals of events that will take place in 2023 in the Lubelskie Voivodeship can be found in the calendar prepared by the Lublin Regional Tourist Organisation.

Check the dates of events such as Night of Culture, Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, Re: Tradition - Jagiellonian Fair, and European Festival of Taste in Lublin, Saint Michael's Fair and Bogusław Kaczyński's Festival in Biała Podlaska, International Choir Meetings and the "Border of Culture" Ethno Festival in Chełm, Chmielaki in Krasnystaw, International Balloon Competition in Nałęczów, Three Cultures Festival in Włodawa, Pride of Poland - Polish National Arabian Horse Show, "Two Riversides" Festival in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec nad Wisłą or the Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec.

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May the carnaval never end!

Lubelskie wydarzenia 1

Zamość Arlekinade (June 10, 2023) is a traditional show combining theatre, music and dance, inspired by dell'arte comedy. It enchants both the tourists and the citizens of the "Padua of the North". Are you still in for more? The end of July is perfect moment to come to Lublin. This is when the magicians, buskers, jugglers and acrobats from all over the world take over the streets of the city. You can see slackliners above, who impress with their courage and agility. All that during four days of excellent fun during the renowned Carnaval Sztukmistrzów (July 27-30, 2023).


Fair season

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Are you into folk? Do you like colourful stalls full of regional delicacies and craft, combined with traditional folk concerts - you can experience all of that in Lublin during the new installment of the Jagiellonian Fair - Re:tradition Festival (August 18-20, 2023). The event refers to the famous Lublin fairs from the golden period of the Jagiellonian dynasty. Be sure to pop by the Hetman Fair in Zamość (June 3-4, 2023) and Saint Michael's Fair in Biała Podlaska (September 23, 2023), where you will learn about local traditions and acquire products of local craftmen. If you are interested in the folk culture from close and far away countries, you should definitely take part in the Ignacy Wachowiak's International Folklore Meetings (July 8-12, 2023). How about colourful, singing and dancing Zamość? Also in July another edition of the Eurofolk Festival (July 10-16, 2023) will take place.


What's the taste of Lubelskie?

Lubelskie imprezy

Do you like to discover new flavors? Lublin tastes delicious, especially in September, during the European Festival of Taste (September 4-10, 2023), which will allow you to get to know various European dishes without having to travel hundreds of kilometers. The event is accompanied by concerts and other cultural events. The celebration of groats, tradition and folk art Gryczaki (August 2023) in Janów Lubelski is another must-see for you. Enjoy local specialties during the eleventh edition of the Local Product Festival (July 30, 2023) in Nałęczów. You can't miss the popular Chmielaki in Krasnystaw (August 18-20, 2023), and that's the National Brewer's Festival. It's the oldest beer festival in Poland. Or maybe you prefer wine? White, red, pink, dry, sweet - you will have a perfect opportunity to try them all during the Wine Festival in Janowiec (May 27-28, 2023). Cheers!


On cloud nine

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Does it happen to you to have your head up in the clouds? International Balloon Competition in Nałęczów (August 3-6, 2023) will provide you with unforgettable experiences. The sky filled with many colors, interesting artistic events, and all that in the beautiful surroundings of the health resort.


The rest is history

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Would you like to have a first-hand experience with history? A true time travel awaits you during the spectacular historical spectacle Zamość Fortress Siege (May 19-21, 2023). It is a staging of the defense of the Zamość fortress in 1648 and 1656, accompanied by saber wielding demonstrations, archery tournaments and horse riding performances. Do you follow the adventures of Sienkiewicz's heroes with flushed cheeks? Then remember to visit Janowiec in June and see the warriors and knights in shining armor with your own eyes. Museum professionals and reconstruction groups will bring the viewers closer to life from centuries ago during Meetings with history at the Janowiec Castle (June 9-11, 2023). You will learn about the history of the Polish military at the Polish Armed Forces Festival in Janów Lubelski (August 2023). For the admirers of 19th-century glamor and elegance, we recommend visiting the Nałęczów for the May picnic with Mr. Prus (May 28, 2023).


Face the music!

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Do you like to have fun in the rhythm of unusual music? You will discover various faces of sounds and at their best in Lublin, during the CODES Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music and Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival (July 6-9, 2023). Another proposition is Kazimiernikejszyn (July 12-15, 2023), that stands for lively concerts played by musicians who above all value the joy of life and contact with the audience. Or maybe you like to hum folk tunes? Kazimierz Dolny invites you to the National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers (June 23-25, 2023). For over fifty years, the town by the Vistula river once a year becomes a stage for performances of folk bands from all over the country. And the end of August is a perfect time to go to Biała Podlaska for the V Festival of Bogusław Kaczyński (August 20-28, 2023). Last but not least, Chełm invites for the International Choir Meetings (April 23, 2023), "Border of Culture" Ethno Festival (July 1-2, 2023) and „Retro Fest” Festival of Entertainment Music of the Interwar Period (August 12-13, 2023).


Aaand action!

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Are you a cinema lover? Janów Lubelski invites you to the FART Festival of Film and Television Artists. At the turn of July and August, a real celebration of cinematography will take place in the picturesque Vistula scenery - "Two Riversides" Film and Art Festival (July 29 - August 6, 2023) in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec. After that it is worth moving to the south of the region, where, at the gates of the Roztocze National Park, the Summer Film Academy (August 6-15, 2023) in Zwierzyniec is organised. You can watch interesting reports and documentaries at the Zamość Film Festival "Meetings with history" (August 17-19, 2023), and original independent cinema during the Lublin Film Festival (November 17-25, 2023). Your film appetite will awake during the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival in Lublin (May 12-21, 2023). 


That's not all!

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You want more? In 2023, as the first Polish city, Lublin has been declared the European Youth Capital. Make sure to attend Night of Culture in Lublin (3/4.06.2023) - artistic installations on the streets of the city are surprising and make an amazing impression. The Old Theatre in Lublin invites for another edition of the Festival of Danuta Szaflarska "Śleboda / Danutka" (14-17.06.2023). Admire the craftmanship of the blacksmiths during the events in Wojciechów - MetalArt Festiwal (2.07.2023) and the National Smithery Art Fair (8-9.07.2023). Remember about the Pride of Poland - National Arabian Horse Show in Janów Podlaski (13-14.08.2023), Capital of the Polish Language Festival in Szczebrzeszyn (August 2023), Festival of Three Cultures in Włodawa (15-17.09.2023) and Pardes Festival - Meetings with Jewish Culture in Janowiec, Kazimierz Dolny and Zamość (6-10.09.2023). Open City - Festival of Art in Public Space (autumn 2023) will be a perfect idea for the fans of contemporary art. National Meetings of the Professional Amateur Theaters (17-19.11.2023) will take place in Chełm for the ninth time. We could not imagine a different end of the year than in the company of the Brodacze of Sławatycze! (29-31.12.2023).


These are just some of the events that will take place in the Lubelskie Voivodeship in 2023. You can find the full list of over 100 proposals with their respective dates here: 

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*Attention. Event dates are subject to change. Information can be found on the websites of individual organizers.


Event Calendar Lubelskie 2023 was prepared by the Lublin Regional Tourist Organisation / www.lubelskie.travel