We are pleased to provide you with a calendar of events that will take place in 2024 in the Lublin Voivodeship.

Among the more than 200 proposals collected by the Lublin Regional Tourist Organisation, you will find the dates of such events as International Folk Festival "Eurofolk" and Hetman's Fair in Zamość, National Brewer's Festival "Chmielaki Krasnostawskie", International Balloon Competition in Nałęczów, Festival of Three Cultures in Włodawa, Film and Art Festival "Two Riversides" and Janowiec, Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec, Capital of Polish Language Festival in Szczebrzeszyn, Bogusław Kaczyński Festival in Biała Podlaska, "Retro Fest" Festival of Entertainment Music of the Interwar Period in Chełm, "Gryczaki" Groats Festival in Janów Lubelski, Night of Culture, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, East of Culture – Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival, Re:tradition, European Festival of Taste in Lublin, and many, many others.

Plan a unique visit with us. Lubelskie awaits. See you there!




02 Re tradycje 2024

Colourful stalls full of regional delicacies, handicrafts and traditional music concerts - you will experience all this in Lublin during the Re:tradition (23–25 August 2024). The event draws on Lublin's famous fairs from the golden age of the Jagiellonians. Be sure to visit Hetman’s Fair in Zamość (1–2 June 2024) and Saint Michael's Fair in Biała Podlaska (28 September 2024), where you can learn about local traditions and buy products from local artists. If you are interested in the traditional dance and music of countries near and far, head to Ignacy Wachowiak's International Folklore Meetings (10–14 July 2024) taking place in Lublin, Nałęczów and Włodawa. And how about colourful, dancing and singing Zamość? Also in July, the next edition of International Folk Festival "Eurofolk" (8–14 July 2024) will take place (8-14 July 2024). Those interested in pottery should head to Łążek Garncarski, near Janów Lubelski, where it will be possible to learn the secrets of the dying profession at the National Pottery Meetings (27-29 June 2024). Craftsmanship will be on display at the National Blacksmith Meetings (12–14 July 2024) w Wojciechowie. in Wojciechów. You will come face to face with tradition at events organised by the Open-Air Village Museum in Lublin, such as: Haying (9 June 2024), Horse Fair (16 June 2024), St John’s Eve (22 June 2024), Harvest (21 July 2024), Parish Fair on the Assumption Day (15 August 2024), Harvest Festival (25 August 2024) or Flax Sunday (8 September 2024). Regional Harvest Festival is scheduled for 8 September 2024.



03 festiwal wina lubelskie 2024

Do you like exploring new flavours? Lublin tastes delicious, especially in September during the European Festival of Taste (2–8 September 2024), which will allow you to discover a variety of dishes from Europe without travelling hundreds of kilometres. The event is accompanied by concerts and other cultural events. Celebration of groats, tradition and folk art during the "Gryczaki" Groats Festival (10–11 August 2024) in Janów Lubelski is also a must-see for you. A true Podlasie feast will take place at Janów Podlaski Castle during the St Martin's Goose Meat Festival (9 November 2024). Also in November, save some time for the Inspiration Cuisine Festival in Lublin. You can't miss the oldest beer festival in Poland, namely the National Brewer's Festival "Chmielaki Krasnostawskie" in Krasnystaw (23–25 August 2024) as well as Lublin Craft Beer Fair (11-12 October 2024). Or do you prefer wine? White, red, rosé, dry, sweet - the tasting opportunities will be delicious at the Wine Fest in Janowiec, Kazimierz Wine Festival (12–14 July 2024), Zamość Winogranie Festival (10 August 2024), and the Lublin Wine Festival in September. Cheers!



04 zawody balonowe 2024

Reach for the clouds in Lubelskie. International Balloon Competition in Nałęczów (8–11 August 2024) The sky filled with many colours, interesting artistic events, and all this in the picturesque surroundings of the famous health resort. Lovers of aerial acrobatics will also be interested in other "high-flying" events, namely Wings over Kazimierz (13–15 September 2024) and the Świdnik Air Festival (15–16 June 2024).



05 Szturm Twierdzy Zamosc 2024

The 3. Historic Vehicle Rally of the Roztocze Museum of the People's Republic of Poland in Zamość (18 August 2024) will be a real treat for fans of old motoring. On the 85th Anniversary of the Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski (14-15 September 2024), the organisers invite to an impressive reconstruction in Dąbrowa Tomaszowska. Fans of 19th-century glitz and elegance are recommended to attend the May Picnic with Mister Prus (19 May 2024).



06 Festiwal Kapel 2024

Do you love having fun to the rhythm of unconventional music? In Lublin, during the East of Culture – Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival (27–30 June 2024) ou will discover the various faces of sound at their best. Another proposal is the Kazimiernikejszyn (17–21 July 2024), i.e. lively concerts played by musicians who above all appreciate the joy of life and contact with the audience. You will receive a large dose of musical energy during the Rockowisko (5–6 July 2024) in Zwierzyniec. Are you a fan of folk sounds? Kazimierz Dolny invites you to the National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers (20–23 June 2024). For more than fifty years, the small town by the Vistula River has become an arena for performances by folk bands from all over the country once a year. The end of August is the perfect time to go to Biała Podlaska for the VI Bogusław Kaczyński Festival (24–31 August 2024). Chełm invites you to the International Choir Meetings (12 May 2024), "Border of Culture" Ethno Festival (6–7 July 2024) and "Retro Fest" Festival of Entertainment Music of the Interwar Period (31 August–1 September 2024), among others.



07 letnia akademia filmowa 2024

At the turn of July and August, the picturesque Vistula River scenery will host a true celebration of cinema, namely the Film and Art Festival "Two Riversides" (27 July–4 August 2024) in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec. Then it is worth moving to the south of the region, where, at the gates of the Roztocze National Park, the Summer Film Academy is organised in Zwierzyniec (8–15 August 2024). You can watch interesting reportages and documentaries at the Zamość Film Festival "Meetings with history" (22–24 August 2024), and original independent cinema at the Lublin Film Festival (Autumn 2024). To whet your film appetite, start with the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival in Lublin (10–19 May 2024). 



09 Lubelskie aktywnie wydarzenia

We recommend exploring the Lubelskie Voivodeship while being physically active. There is no shortage of cool opportunities! We encourage you to participate in cycling rallies: Józefów May Picnic Cycling Festival (1 May 2024), Ultra Race Roztocze (10-13 May 2024), Cycling race for the Henryk Sienkiewicz Cup (12 May 2024), Cross-country bicycle rally "Trails of the Forest Treasure" (18 May 2024), Ultra Roztocze (18 May 2024), Lublin Tourist Marathon (25 May 2024), J.I. Kraszewski Bike Rally from Biała Podlaska to Romanów (23 June 2024), Cycling Roztocze: Lubycza Królewska - Horyniec Zdrój (6 July 2024), Cycling Tour along the Trail of Bug River Manors and Guesthouses (7 July 2024), Brejdak Gravel 2024 | Cycling Ultramarathon (12-14 July 2024), Ultra Race Dolina Bugu (30 August - 01 September 2024) or the National Star Bike Rally (1 September 2024). Do you prefer running, or perhaps you combine both activities? Lublin invites you to events such as Hardcore Kumowa Dolina in Chełm (9 March 2024), Iron Triathlon in Okuninka (8 June 2024) or the Bug River Land Triathlon (24 August 2024). Lovers of competitive skiing should go for the Hetman’s Run to Tomaszów Lubelski (10 February 2024) and canoeists for the Wieprz Kayaking Marathon: Lubartów - Kośmin (29 June 2024). An ideal opportunity for hiking will be the Welcoming Spring in Eastern Roztocze (27 April 2024).



11 Literatura Lubelskie

Put down your favourite reading for a moment and immerse yourself in the literary heritage of the Lubelskie Voivodeship. It is here that events such as the Capital of Polish Language Festival in Szczebrzeszyn and Zamość (3-10 August 2024). take place. The event has been attracting eminent writers and fans of good literature to the Roztocze for years. Lublin and the Lublin region were the favourite places for the action of stories by the Nobel Prize winner in literature, Isaac B. Singer. Singer, which is why the "Following I.B. Singer Traces" International Festival (10-26 July 2024). Chełm invites you to the Chełm Literature Festival (9-10 May 2024), Nałęczów to the Poetry Meetings in Nałęczów (8 June 2024), and nearby Kazimierz Dolny to the Two Moons Literary Festival - Words have power (5-7 July 2024). The Days of Jakub Wędrowycz - the protagonist of Andrzej Pilipiuk's books - will be organised for the 17th time in Wojsławice on 19-21 July 2024. Andrzej Stasiuk and Magda Umer will be special guests at the 3rd Chełm Book Fair (11 May 2024). At the beginning of August, Zamość will host the Literary Street Festival (2 August 2024). It is worth visiting Lublin to take part in a walk  along the route of Józef Czechowicz's "Poem about Lublin" (21 July 2024) and follow the footsteps Julia Hartwig (14 August 2024).



"Festiwal Trzech Kultur" - W³odawa51.552068, 23.555100

Lubelskie is a region that has been inhabited by different cultures for centuries. Cyclical festivals emphasise the atmosphere of openness, respect and the need to share a contemporary approach to tradition. The cultural mosaic has for centuries created the unique character of Włodawa. Festival of Three Cultures (20-22 September 2024) is an event combining the town's past with its present. Opportunities to learn more about the heritage of Lublin's Jews include the Festival of the Jewish Culture in Lublin – Lubliner Festival in Lublin (16-22 August 2024), Pardes Festival in Kazimierz Dolny and Celejów (11-15 Seprember 2024) and the Festival Encounter with Jewish Culture in Chełm (30-31 August 2024). For the 15th time already, Wojsławice will host the Three Cultures Meetings (28 July 2024). Taking place in June, Multicultural Lublin Festival, is an artistic presentation of national, ethnic, religious and confessional minorities existing in Lublin.



01 Carnaval Sztukmistrzów 2024

As many as seven events from the Lublin Voivodeship have been awarded the prestigious Certificate of the Polish Tourist Organisation as part of the Contest for the Best Tourist Product. These include Night of Culture in Lublin (1/2 June 2024), during which you can admire surprising art installations in the urban space. You will certainly be impressed! The end of July is also the perfect time to visit Lublin. This is when the streets of the city are taken over by magicians, jugglers and acrobats from all over the world. Overhead, you will see slackliners who amaze with their daring and agility. You're in for four days of great fun at the iconic Carnaval Sztukmistrzów (25–28 July 2024). Taking place at the end of June and the beginning of July Theatrical Summer in Zamość (23 June-6 July 2024) is sure to satisfy the appetite of the most demanding theatre lovers. Events recommended by the PTO are also mentioned in the article: Re:tradition Festival in Lublin (23-25 August 2024), National Brewer's Festival "Chmielaki Krasnostawskie" (23-25 August 2024), Film and Art Festival "Two Riversides" in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec nad Wisłą (27 July-4 August 2024) and Capital of Polish Language Festival in Szczebrzeszyn and Zamość (3-10 August 2024).



08 Sobotki Wlodawa 2024

It is impossible to list all the events that will take place in the Lublin Voivodeship in 2024. Remember about the Pride of Poland - Polish National Arabian Horse Show in Janów Podlaski (9–12 August 2024), Roses Festival in Końskowola (13-14 July 2024). Celebrate the shortest night of the year at the traditional Polesie St John’s Eve in Włodawa (22 June 2024). On 7 July, make time to visit Hołowno for the Camomile Land Festival. "Open City" - Festival of Art in Public Space will be ideal for lovers of modern art. You will also find excellent theatre items on the calendar. These include Theatre Confrontations in Lublin (4-27 October 2024) and OSPTA National Meetings of Professional Amateur Theatres (14–17 November 2024). We can't imagine any other way to end the year than by the Bug River in the company of the Brodacze of Sławatycze! (29-31 December 2024). 


These are just some of the events that will take place in the Lubelskie Voivodeship in 2024. You can find the full list of over 200 proposals with their respective dates here: 

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